Perthshire Hot Tub Hire

What we do

We offer Inflatable Hot Tub Hire, delivered direct to your property or holiday home. 

WEEKEND HIRE - £165 (subject to location)

[Installed Thursday evening / Collected Monday morning]

FULL WEEK HIRE - £220 (subject to location)

[Installation and Collection times to be agreed]

Our professional team will look after you from start to finish and will be on hand for any questions you may have throughout the process. The price includes the full set up and dismantling of the hot tub, all chemicals to keep your water clean as well as some extras to make things as easy as possible.

Optional extras include Gazebo's and Cantilever Parasols; both £40 per hire.


Oh, and we have beer kegs too!

Beer Machine Rental - £60

Some of the available Kegs- Leffe Blonde, Stella, Corona, Jaipur, Spaten, Lowenbrau, Clwb Tropica, Cali Pale Ale, Jupiler, Franziskaner Weiss Bier.

Pricing for each keg is between £30-£40 depending on your choice. This is cost price as per beer hawk's own website.

The beer kegs hold 6 litres which equates to roughly 10 pints! So, between £3-£4 a pint!

What you need

In order to safely install the hot tub, you'll need a flat section of grass or hard standing (not chips) approximately 3m x 3m. 

Access to an outside tap is required for filling the hot tub as well as an electrical supply for the filter to be run.

How it works

We rock up, install it, fill it, check it, leave it. 

You have tons of fun. 

We come back and take it all away, leaving you with only happy memories.